5 Recommended Foods to Order at at-home cafe


5 Recommended Foods to Order at at-home cafe

This time, I would like to introduce recommended foods that you should order at at-home cafe.

I chose this dish based on my taste, so please use it as a reference.

When I chose the recommended items, I ended up with only standard products.

All of the meals at at-home cafe are quite delicious, and it was very difficult to choose five.
However, this time, I chose it not only for its taste, but also for its appearance and entertainment, because I wanted everyone to try it.

Let me introduce you.

Ebi-chan and Salmon-kun Marine bowl (end of sale)

First of all, it’s my favorite Ebi-chan and Salmon-kun marine rice bowl.

As the name suggests, it will be a seafood rice bowl containing shrimp and salmon.

This is so delicious that I have ordered it many times.

This salmon-kun marine bowl is popular with the maids, and is popular with both customers and employees.

For those who value taste rather than entertainment, we recommend ordering the Ebi-chan and Salmon-kun Marine rice bowl.

Miso soup is also included in the set, so you can drink miso soup to cleanse your palate.

Pipiyo-Piyopiyo♪ Hiyoko-san Rice

The second item we would like to introduce is Pipiyo-Piyopiyo♪ Hiyoko-san Rice, the number one standard product at at-home cafe.

It’s a food that you can’t start without eating this first.

The omelet rice itself is usually delicious with a simmering egg.

But above all, if you order this food, the maid will write pictures and letters with ketchup.

This skill depends on the maid, but everyone is very good at it, and most of them will write anything when you show them a picture.

Everyone, please try this Pipiyo-Piyopiyo♪ Hiyoko-san Rice at least once.

Yip-Yip Curry Raichu

Yip-Yip Curry Raichu is a standard curry rice menu.

This food is cutely decorated with white rice in the shape of a dog’s face and the ingredients around it.

It also looks cute, and it was in the top 2 most popular foods at at-home cafe. (From Renachi for the time being)

The taste of the curry is also a little spicy, and it’s usually delicious.

The hamburger that comes with it is also delicious.

I think it’s better to eat at least once when you come home to at-home cafe.

Akihabara Ramen(end of sale)


akihabara ramen

As the name suggests, this is ramen, but as you can see from the photo, the vessel and toppings are different from ordinary ramen.

There are two flavors, miso and soy sauce, both of which are simple and delicious.

This is a relatively recent menu, so people who are tired of the at-home cafe food menu often ask for a change of pace.

Even if you’re not that hungry, I think you’ll be able to eat it all since it’s not that big.

Moe-Moe Pink Curry♥ -Purery Curery Enchanting Spell-

This is a very unusual curry rice with a pink appearance, and it is a popular food that is sure to look good on Instagram.

As for the setting, it seems that the maid’s magic is used to turn the curry into a moe pink color.

The taste of the curry is also a little spicy, and it’s usually delicious.

Here, retort products for takeout are sold at the store.

It’s great to be able to enjoy a delicious pink curry at at-home cafe.

It would be interesting to serve this curry when your friends come over.

Extra:staff meal

This can only be eaten after becoming a gold member, but I will introduce it together on this occasion.

It’s very delicious, so I’d like you to eat it.

There are two types of staff meal rice bowls and sweets.

The staff meal is different depending on the day, and two meals are prepared each day.

On the other hand, the sweets that come out for the staff meal sweets are determined by the store floor.

So you can’t eat it unless you go to the store and floor.

Recommended makanai bowl

Bibimbap rice bowl

grilled chicken rice bowl

Recommended meal sweets

Donki shop (with peach, almond jelly and ice cream)

Head office 7F (apple pie)

In conclusion

So far, we have introduced the recommended foods of at-home cafe. How was it?

This time, I narrowed down the food quite a bit because it was 5 selections, but there are many delicious foods other than the ones I introduced.

When you get home, it might be a good idea to look at the menu and order what you are interested in.

The menu is also listed on the official website, so please take a look.

5 Recommended Drinks to Order at at-home Cafe

I’ve never heard of anything on the at-home cafe food menu that doesn’t taste good, so give it a try! !