“Atgumi 100 Complete Box” tracklist

あっとぐみ100 Complete Box

“Atgumi 100 Complete Box” tracklist

This time, I will introduce the songs included in Atgumi 100 Complete Box.

This Atogumi 100 Complete Box was released in 2009 and was sold for 10,000 yen (including tax) at that time.

However, it was not well known and the price was surprisingly high at 10,000 yen, so it did not sell at all at first.

Not sure if it sold or not…

This Atogumi 100 Complete Box song is played as BGM at at-home cafe, and is used at events held by maids.

We have introduced another article about the at-home cafe event, so please take a look there.

”at-home cafe” event commentary


If you listen to the songs that are playing at the at-home cafe, you will find some songs that sound good, so please listen carefully when you go home.

If there is a song that you are interested in, ask the maid what this song is and she will tell you.

But there aren’t many maids who know all of Atogumi’s songs, so please don’t blame me if there are maids who don’t know.

“atgumi 100 Complete Box”, a rare item now

atgumi 100 Complete Box was sold normally at that time, but it is not sold now, so if you want it, you have to get it second hand.

However, even if you go to Book Off or second-hand bookstores in Akihabara, it’s almost impossible to find it.

It’s very rare that it appears on Mercari, so if you check it regularly, you might be able to find it.

It seems that the total amount is about 5,000 yen.

It may be a little expensive, but considering the amount on the market, I think that’s about it.

Moreover, there are 100 songs in total, so I think it’s worth buying if you think about 200 yen per song.

Well then, I will introduce what kind of songs are included in atogumi 100 Complete Box, even if it is just a title.


01 きゅんと・m・ブリーズフラワー

02 シュガシュガホリデー

03 ハートに渇!

04 必勝!メイド検定いっきゅう合格

05 もえドキ!らびゅーん

06 ルルルン☆夢☆days

07 ロイヤルプリンセス

08 純情!!乙女空

09 卒業・・・(^0^)ノシ

10 夢見るシンデレラ

11 TO・KI・ME・KIプレゼント

12 a-train-始まりの場所

13 うきうき記念日初デート

14 エターナル∞

15 センチメンタルカフェ


01 ラブリードール

02 弱虫なロリポップ

03 週刊@通信

04 水色ドロップ

05 風を切って

06 萌え道っ!一直線っ!

07 妄想love!

08 Regret~もう一度会いたい

09 @元気マーク

10 アニマルゎツンデレ風味

11 きららん♪ミラクル

12 フェアリー//レイン

13 夏のダブルピース

14 華々流儀

15 甘い恋しましょ


01 笑顔の種

02 太陽の欠けら

03 恋のミラクルミーティング☆

04 AKIBAメイド革命

05 Gimme your love

06 ガラスの森

07 sweet babylon

08 ぷくり愛コトバ

09 ヨ・コ・ガ・オ

10 愛情めにゅー~ハート添え~

11 華の純風@組

12 ☆のパーティ

13 恋するくちびる

14 Love Passion


01 REN・AI・バランス

02 Shining Starlight

03 tears

04 wishing days

05 しあわせ自分流

06 スピカ

07 ポジティブ★エナジー

08 モノクローム・シティ



11 ごちそうレシピ

12 すずらん

13 星屑の願い

14 ボンバー×PARTY


01 乙女なモード

02 虹の上のライム

03 負けるな☆Loveレース

04 涙が止まらない

05 涙の形

06 bye bye my love

07 ☆☆アオゾライダー☆☆

08 あした晴れるかな?

09 乙(ノ∀ `*)乙

10 セイレーンの甘い声

11 でこぼこダイヤモンド

12 ノスタルジック∮ガール

13 可愛くなりたい

14 虹にのせて


01 片思い~one way love

02 dream of magic

03 急いで、タイムリミット

04 空中飛行

05 クレッシェンド

06 トゥインクル*バード

07 どじッ娘、愛してくれるかな

08 羽のタクト

09 みらくる☆ホリディ

10 メイド同盟絆組

11 雨上がりのスタジアム

12 12ヶ月

13 恋の誕生日214

14 スーパーソングっ


01 ドキ胸Hold me tight

02 初恋・・・メイド物語

03 キラキラ☆POWER

04 粉雪キッス☆

05 ビビッと!!キューピット!!

06 雪のメロディー

07 ラブ・Loveしちゃいま~す!

08 風色Graduation

09 ロリータアンジェリン

10 ジュリエットEXPRESS

11 原色ハート@組

12 未来航海

13 四つ葉のクローバー

14 @チョイ祭り

Introduction of recommended songs for each CD

100 songs is quite a volume, isn’t it?

If there are 100 songs, I think there are many people who don’t know which one to listen to, so I will introduce a few songs that I recommend.














bye bye my love









There are many more songs that I can recommend, but I’ll leave it at this, as the list of examples would be endless.

If you are interested, please get the CD and give it a listen! !

While listening to music, you may end up going to an event at the at-home cafe, so please be careful.💘