About the case when I went to Akihabara’s “at-home cafe” and fell in love with a maid


About the case when I went to Akihabara’s “at-home cafe” and fell in love with a maid

In this article, I will tell you how I went to a maid cafe and what kind of experience I got into maid cafes.

This time, I would like to mainly introduce the flow of returning home for the first time, so that you can know the highlights of at-home cafe.

I would like to introduce a little more detailed system and recommended menu in another article.

Akihabara’s famous maid cafe

Now that I’m in my fourth year of college, I’ve gotten used to playing in the city, and I’ve been talking with friends about what might be interesting.

At that time, we talked about going somewhere we had never been before, and since the university was on the sobu line, we decided to go to Akihabara.

And since Akihabara is synonymous with maid cafés, this is the first time I’ve visited a maid café in Akihabara.

I looked up maid cafes randomly on the internet, and decided to go to a famous at-home cafe.

Originally, I wanted to go once in my life, so I was worried, but I was also looking forward to it.

And I was surprised when I arrived in front of the shop.

This is the only place where the world view is completely different.

Then, there was an elevator and stairs, but for the time being, we pressed the button at random on the elevator and headed to the 6th floor.

Enter the store! !

The first thing I noticed when I arrived on the 6th floor was that there was a very nice smell coming from inside the store.

A sweet smell like I’ve never smelled before.

The maid came and responded and explained the precautions. Then, the maid rings the bell and hears the shout, “Welcome home, master.”

There were 5 to 7 maids inside. What surprised me was that the maids were in their early twenties and very cute.

I took a seat, received an explanation of the system and menu, and finally ordered.

At that time, I didn’t know what to order, so I ordered a drink course.

The content was that you could have a drink and a check or a game with your favorite maid.

By the way, I chose check.

A few minutes later, our drinks were brought. I ordered a frilly cocktail, so I shouted with the maid and finished the cocktail, but I was very embarrassed.

If you come to at-home cafe, you should order this frilly cocktail at least once (laughs).

The drink came out with a pink liquid, and I thought it was really delicious, but the taste was normal.

My friend asked for a latte, so he asked me to draw a picture of his choice on the foam.

Kawa (・∀・) ii!!

The first check is a bitter memory

Earlier I said that you can take pictures with any maid you like with the cheki(Polaroid), but you can nominate a popular maid known as a premium maid for an additional 200 yen.

It’s kind of like a nomination system for cabaret clubs.

By the way, super premium maid is plus 300 yen, legend maid is plus 400 yen.

If you haven’t decided which maid to play games with, tell the maid and you can see a board with pictures of the maids working that day.

It was my first time to take an cheki, but my face was so tight that I couldn’t post it here, so I took a terrible picture.

There was a reason for this, because everyone was watching the place where I took the cheki on the stage, and the maid was so cute that I got nervous.

While I was taken with a strange face, the maid was very cute, probably because she is used to it.

At this point, I decided that next time I would take a better picture.

The cheki we took together will be handed to you after the maid decorates it cutely.

I get along well with the maids, and when the shop is not very crowded, they sometimes write what I request.

However, Bronze members and Silver members seem to have restrictions on the colors of pens that can be used, so please be aware that even if you request, you may not be able to write even if you do not have enough colors.

Game with maid(Now discontinued)

I didn’t play the game at that time, but my friend was playing the game, so I’ll introduce it a little.

In the game, you can play with your favorite maids, just like with cheki. There are three types of games: Wani Wani Panic, Guard Dog Gao Gao, and Pokapon Game.

The number of eyes rolled on the dice determined the game to be played.

A separate table is prepared for the game, so you can enjoy the space with the maid. If you win this game, you can get either coins or banknotes.

If you get coins, you can spin the gacha gacha and win a maid’s solo ticket.

If you save a few banknotes, you can exchange them for food tickets or sorocheki tickets.

It’s up to you which one you want, so I think you should get the one you want at that time. However, you can’t get anything with just one banknote, so if you don’t plan to visit the store, it might be better to get coins.

In conclusion

So far, I have introduced my experiences at the at-home cafe.

When I actually went there this time, I had a culture shock, wondering if there was still a place like this in Tokyo.

Since then, I have visited several times.

And when I went there several times, people remembered my face.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking for inspiration in their daily lives. I think you can enjoy an extraordinary space that you can’t usually enjoy.

What I was able to introduce in this article is just a small part of the at-home cafe, so I will continue to introduce it in order to get everyone interested in the at-home cafe. I think

Stay tuned for the next update!