Mining: How to deal with instability


Mining: How to deal with instability

This time, as the title suggests, we will introduce how to deal with when mining operation is not stable.

I was also mining and the GPU was recognized well, but there were many cases where only one of the multiple GPUs did not work, or it stopped working after an hour.

In the BIOSTAR TB360-BTC D⁺ that I set up for the first time, I ran 6 Radeon6600XTs, but there were many problems among them, so this time I focused on the problems I faced and tried to solve the same problems.

I would be happy if I could help those who are troubled.

The content is aimed at beginners to intermediate players, so advanced users may know that, so please view it with the intention of taking revenge.

If you are a miner or are about to start mining, this is a must-see content, so please take a look.

Most of the problems are solved by this method

In conclusion, I think that most of the problems can be solved by combining the following 5 coping methods and other coping methods.

It is important to carefully check each item one by one and take corrective action to eliminate suspicious factors, so please do not relax.

When I was assembling a PC, I missed simple tasks and had to start over from scratch many times, so please be careful.

  1. Adding memory
  2. Plugin change
  3. Set virtual memory
  4. Lower GPU memory clock
  5. Confirm required power supply capacity

Now let’s take a closer look at each one.

1.Adding memory

This is a problem of PC specs, but it happens that it does not work stably due to lack of memory.

Therefore, it is necessary to increase the memory and start the software with a margin.

Initially I was running with 4GB of memory.

Up to about 3 GPUs, PC startup and software startup slowed down, and I was able to run it without any problems, but from about 4 GPUs, the movement got worse.

When running multiple GPUs, I think it’s better to prepare at least 8GB of memory.

2.Plugin change

The next workaround is about changing plugins.

It doesn’t matter if you are using NiceHash QuickMiner, but if you are using NiceHash Miner, this is an important point, so please be careful.

By the way, I had the hardest time here.

On the Internet, it is often written that NBMiner’s DaggerHasimoto is efficient, so I followed the example and used NBMiner’s DaggerHasimoto for mining, but it did not work stably.

I tried all the other methods introduced here, but it didn’t work at all, so I changed the plugin once and it worked without stopping.

However, it was about 60% less efficient than NBMiner’s DaggerHasimoto, but when I changed to NanoMiner below, I was able to stably operate with almost the same mining efficiency.


3.Set virtual memory

There is a setting of virtual memory as a countermeasure to be taken when it is not stable.

Virtual memory is a virtual memory set on the SSD / HDD of physical memory to compensate for the lack of physical memory.

By setting this virtual memory setting to “8 GB” per GPU, it can be operated stably.

First, open Control Panel and click System and Security.


Then click Show system RAM amount and processor speed.


Next, click Advanced system settings on the right side, and proceed with ②, ③, and ④.


Apply and reboot and you’re done.

If you don’t understand this explanation, please search for “virtual memory mining” as it is described in detail on other sites.

4.Lower GPU memory clock

This is a GPU I have when mining, and it’s a problem that happens because I want to mine as much as possible.

If the memory clock is set to 100%, set it to 90%, and if that doesn’t work, set it to 80%. please look.

If it reaches about 50% and does not operate stably, other factors may be the cause, so take another approach.

In my experience, I haven’t had many crashes due to this issue, so I hope you can consider it as a final tweak.

5.Confirm required power supply capacity

A surprisingly blind spot is the problem of power supply capacity.

If there are about 2 or 3, there is often no problem with one power supply, but if there are 5 or 6, the power supply capacity may be insufficient.

So calculate the required wattage of your GPU and make sure you have enough power supply capacity.

According to one theory, it is said that it is good to have twice the capacity, but I personally think that 1.5 times the capacity is enough.

I think that there is a balance between budget and outlets around here, so please respond flexibly.

Other workarounds

We have introduced the workaround for stable operation, but if the above method does not solve the problem, please try the following workaround.

Restarting is one of the effective solutions, and there are many cases where restarting will fix the problem, so be sure to do it one by one.

  • Restart PC
  • If you are connected via Wifi, try using a wired connection.
  • Try increasing the speed of the GPU fan.
  • Cool the GPU with a circulator, etc.
  • Dissipate heat from the room with a ventilation fan, etc.
  • Review GPU settings

In conclusion

So far, I have introduced my experiences at the at-home cafe.

When I actually went there this time, I had a culture shock, wondering if there was still a place like this in Tokyo.

Since then, I have visited several times.

And when I went there several times, people remembered my face.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking for inspiration in their daily lives.

What I was able to introduce in this article is just a small part of the at-home cafe, so I will continue to introduce it in order to get everyone interested in the at-home cafe.

Stay tuned for the next update!