Yamaha FZ1 FAZER GT Impressions and evaluations after actually purchasing


Yamaha FZ1 FAZER GT Impressions and evaluations after actually purchasing

Recently, it has become possible to go out in the world, and there is a small boom in touring where you can avoid crowds and go out.

Bikers tend to want to ride when other people are riding, so I think that even those who have been away from motorcycles for a while now want to ride again.

Also, there must be many people who want to buy a new motorcycle when they see people riding it.

So, this time I would like to introduce the Yamaha FZ1 FAZER GT that I purchased and my impressions of actually riding it.

Yamaha FZ1 FAZER GT Performance

The FZ1 FAZER GT is a large 998cc water-cooled in-line 4-cylinder motorcycle.

For detailed performance, you can not see the specifications on the official website, so please check the website of Bike Bros instead.

ヤマハ (YAMAHA) FZ1フェザー(FZ-1S) | FZ1 FAZER
ハーフカウル(セミカウル)を装備したスポーツツアラーのFZ1フェザーは、欧米では2006年モデルから、日本では2008年モデルから販売された。同時にネイキッドモデルのFZ1も登場しており、両車は、FZS1000 FAZER(2001年)の後継モデルという位置付けだった。2004年型YZF-R1用の998cc水冷直列4気...

It’s a 2011 model, so it’s not new, but if it’s stored well, it looks like a bike from 10 years ago.

As for my impression after actually riding it, it was my first liter bike, and the level of acceleration was different from the 400cc and 250cc bikes I’ve ridden.

Even if I get on a high speed, I can reach 100km with ease, and after that, I keep going as fast as I feel like, and before I know it, I have exceeded the speed limit.

I was able to run smoothly without feeling particularly heavy even when I was tandem.

The response when turning the accelerator is also good, and although the muffler is genuine, the deep bass engine sound echoes in the heart, and it is irresistible for motorcycle lovers.

Concerned about fuel consumption?

If there’s one problem, it’s very poor fuel economy.

When I actually rode it, I think it’s probably not even 15km per liter.

Of course, it will differ depending on the highway, general road, etc.

For those who ride motorcycles frequently, this poor fuel economy may be an obstacle to riding a motorcycle.

So, those who ride the FZ1 FAZER GT should prepare in advance for poor fuel efficiency.

What about customization?

When purchasing a motorcycle, I think it is a pretty important factor when choosing whether it can be customized.

There are quite a few custom parts for the FZ1 FAZER GT, and if you search Amazon, you can find anything you would expect.

I also searched for shields and mufflers and found them quickly.

So, for those who are trying to make only one motorcycle in the world, it is recommended because you can choose from various options.

where to buy?

I bought it at Red Baron, a major bike shop.

This is because the first bike I bought was from a privately owned business, but the service was not that good and there weren’t many people, so it was difficult to go to the shop.

Therefore, after that, I buy at Red Baron instead of independent shops.

It’s a pity that you can’t see the bikes for sale online, but if you tell them what kind of bike you want and what kind of bike you’re looking for, they’ll give you some suggestions, so I think it’s okay.

I am very satisfied because they kindly handle the maintenance of tire inflation, including insurance, and other problems.

Each store has a different atmosphere, so it would be a good idea to find a Red Baron store near you and visit a few.

店舗紹介 - レッドバロン公式
全国直営ネットサービスのレッドバロンの国内店舗、海外店舗のご紹介です。お近くのレッドバロン各店や各店頭にある「ユーザーカード」にて、ご意見やご要望も承っております。「 」のページです。

At the end

So far, we have introduced the FZ1 FAZER GT. How was it?

I don’t think you can tell just by looking at the text because of the performance of the bike.

But what I want to say here is that it’s such a good bike that you should actually see it with your own eyes, hear the engine, and test drive it.

If it’s a used bike, even if it’s the same kind of bike, the condition is completely different, and depending on the degree of customization, it may look like a different bike.

So, if you are thinking about buying a motorcycle now, please visit the shop.